Monday, December 13, 2010

Yasmi Abdul Hamid....

Yasmi Abdul Hamid is one of the person i cant life without
She is the reason why i am standing strong to face this cruel life..

there is no way i'm gonna find someone like her..ever!

she is always there through ups and downs
through her i've learned to forgive and forget
(well actually the forget part tu still working on it)

Byk jugak org dengki our friendship ni..
but for me as long as we trust and understand each other
there wont be anything can break our friendship
that is wut important in a friendship
understanding and trust..

the thing about mimi
she knows me very well
she knows how to respect, to comfort and to advice me..
and she will always try her best to be there for me
me too..
i will definitely leave anything else behind for her..
i trully hope dat my friendship with her will stay strong until the day we die..

Yasmi abd hamid..
i love you!
thank you for every single thing you do for me


Saturday, December 4, 2010


hey people~

mlm ni semangat sket nk update blog..
today i'm gonna tell you guys about 30th..
wut exactly am i talking about?
ok here it goes...

30th October 2010..
this date actually suppose to be one of the happiest day of my life
coz my beloved cousin kak zura got married
i'm so happy for her!

it turned out to be one of the most devastating day of my life..
my so called 'first love' got engaged.. :'(
i found out sbb ter'browse' fb time nk gi carik present
my friend upload gambar tunang die
hati mase tu hancur lebur..

yeah i know..
cite lame...
but actually yg buat kite sedey sbb die tipu kite
mase kite confront die for the last time before i end the relationship die x mengaku dat he is seeing someone...
kurang ajar kan?
tup..tup.. da jd tunang org..
why must u lie isnt it?
wut ever it is i'm glad dat everything is over between me and him
at least from now on i know dat he was never sincere to me...

end of story..

30th November 2010..

inilah yg dikatakan nasib manusia boleh berubah dalam sekelip mata (cewah!!)
i went a first date with a guy yg mmg i tak sangka will ever go out with him..
hikhikhik!! (mode gedik ;P)

it was so sweet...rase mcm time2 skolah plak gi dating2 nih
i dunno wer this will go but i trully hope dat it will be on the positive side lah..
maybe sum of u rase mcm wow cepatnye dah jumpe pengganti..
tp for me plak it's an opportunity for me to move on with my life..
it's not a wrong thing pon kan?
plus he is so nice and sweet..
i trully hope this one will stay this time..

so u guys please ya?
help me pray for a better chance in love..
i would love to fall in love again..
and this time for real...

so this is the story about 30th..
jdkan pedoman..
the conclusion is.. life can change in seconds..
i'm happy now..i hope u guys too..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Setelah Hampir Berbulan2 tak UpDate BloG ^_____^

hey ya all~!

mak ai!! lame gile tak visit blog!

sorry la geng..
kite been very2 busy lately..

sampai tak sempat langsung nk jenguk blog..

okay2..ape yg telah terjadik sepanjang kite senyap nih..

here it goes...

(1) putus cinta :'(

terperanjat?? well dont be guys..

dengan officialnye kite dah kembali single..

to some of my friends it's not a shocking thing..

maybe some of u guys do..

kite dah break dgn die last August..

there are so much things to argue
die pon tak bole stand up for himself
so i've decided to let him go..

i dun want any hanky panky relationship anymore..

moving on~~

(2) BFF kite dah kawen!!

hehe! secara officialnye juge MIMI which is my BFF dah menjadi wife kepada abg boyotku (title baru utk hubby die ;P) JEEBO

i'm so happy for them..

they deserve to be with each other..

and the best part of all..

setelah 4 months nikah..

my BFF dah pregnant!
so excited and so damn cant wait for the lil one ;)

mimi and jeebo..i love u guys!

(3) kite sudah bekerja..

ni lah reason why kite da lame tak update blog kite
been very2 busy..
ni pon still kt office

(sempat curik tulang sat update blog :P)

i am a property valuer..

mmg keje dok berkejar sane sini..
ape nk buat...

demi mencari rezeki yg halal org kate...

so guys..sampai sini dulu..

nanti kite sambung lg ye??

more exciting stories to come soon!

take care people~


Monday, May 10, 2010

stop being childish!!

hari ni kite mmg panas hati dgn sumone...
a person yg treat like my own sister suke2 hati tuduh kite buat benda yg i have no idea wut the hell is she talking about..
pastu nk tunjuk besar..nk tunjuk die berkuasa!!
wut the f**K!!!!!

kite actually da lame da bersabar dgn org mcm die..
keep on bragging about me buat mulut..
padahal ntah sape2 yg buat mulut diorg ckp kite..
kenape ye ade org mcm ni?
wen will they grow up??
diorg takde keje lain ke?
go on with ur life la..why must bother other ppl's life??
i'm sick n tired of this annoying ppl

i hope one day die sedar..
sorry guys.. a bit emotional..
gile lame kite da simpan..kite da tak tahan..kite ckp je lah..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

AmiR MaNSoR a.K.a My MuFFiN~

hari ni kite nk introduce muffin kite to all the bloggers out there...
his name is amir mansor..i like to refer him as my MUFFIN..
although sebenarnye die taktau pon kite panggil die muffin..
but kite sgt suke die sbb die sweet mcm muffin..

as u guys read from my previous entry..
i've mentioned kan how being in a relationship with my previous exes were an eye opener for me..
everytime any guys try to approach me..
kite jadik takut and terus say no without even trying pon..
da 2 tahun kite mcm ni..huhuhu..
dun blame me!
i'm traumatized basically!
but being with muffin...
everything went easy...
he's not like any ordinary guys that i've met before (so far)
die tak penah lg hurt me..
tak penah merajuk beruk mak ye mcm kite ^_^
and the best part is muffin sgt suke manjekan kite..

wut i had with muffin mmg i dah lame tak rase..
being with muffin made me realized how jerks were my exes..
sbb ape je yg muffin da buat for me skarang tak penah pon my exes buat dulu..
no doubt la there are a few things muffin and kite need to adjust ourselves
but then we r getting there la basically..
there are some difficulties..
sumtimes when muffin says 'no' or 'jgn'
kite jd rebelious la!
kite rase mcm who r u to control me..
tp lepas kite da kene 'basuh' dgn WANI, YANA, WANDA, G ARE, PUT N EIMA..
baru kite realize yg ape yg muffin buat is actually the right way..
rase mcm nk nangis pon ade sbb muffin sgt sabar layan kite...
he shows how much i mean to him..
kite rase bersalah bile kite ade buat salah kt die..
(actually while writing this my muffin tgh merajuk :P)
we often miss each other sbb jarang dpt jumpe dgn die busy dgn classes and me here tanam anggur.. :P

muffin sayang..
i sayang u gile2~!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GoodBye SeemS to Be the Hardest Word..

i cant never believe that i'll be sad to leave UTM..
ye la all this while kan mcm cant wait for it..
tibe2 pada tanggal 18 April 2010 tepat jam 11.00 pagi..
kite dgn rasminye meninggalkan UTM...
rase sayu sgt..especially bile 2 org adekku..AMY n MEMIL..mengalirkan air mata..
da la b4 that feeling2 cantek kan Balai Cerap (again!)..hikhikhik...

mmg kite tak deny..
a lot of memories kt UTM ni..
klaka ade..sedey pon ade..
struggling sbb nk maintain grade sume..

gigih buat PSM utk dijilid...

until la at the last day of my exam..

my last exam..

satu perasaan kosong n lapang yg tak penah kite rase muncul...
tp syg..perasaan lega n lapang tu terseli jugak perasaan sayu (sedih mode)

mmg akan teringat my crazy classmates...
fyi..our class ni ade 100 of us..
lecturers suke panggil kelas kitorg kelas "kambing"..
ye la..imagine wen 100 ppl berckp..
confirm la bising gile kan??
tp sedey la bile MEJAR ARIFFIAN who is one of our lecturer nyanyikan kitorg lagu
"season in the sun"
which we sang along with him...
4 SGP..u guys will be dearly missed.. :(

tanggal 18 April 2010...
bermula lah detik2 terakhir di UTM...
(gambar kt balai cerap will be upload later)
lihatlah betapa kosongnye almari dan rak kite..
kite sedey nk tinggalkan bilik kite yg jd peneman kite online..
rase lain sgt mode nk online kt rumah n kat bilik kite tu...
rindu kt bilik.. :(
WA1-615..i will miss u so bad.. :(


brg yg sudah di pack... abes penoh satu kete T____T

and definitely kite sgt2 sedey nk say goodbye to this people...






and to others la yg ade sangkut paut dgn UTM n JB...

eventho kite itukan mmg adat kehidupan org kata..
setiap pertemuan mesti ade perpisahan...
as for my frens in KL..they look at it as a comeback for me..
obviously my muffin sgt la gumbira bile kite da balik ke pangkuan die..
as for my bestie yg nk kawen tu pulak die da bole tarik nafas lega because her motivater is there for her... (mcm perasan pon ade :P)
wut ever it is..i look at it as a new beginning for me...
i'm not needed in UTM anymore..
now my bestie n my friends in KL who needs me...
it has been a wonderful experience..i have no regrets to be apart of UTM..
in fact..i'm so proud to be called as UTM graduates...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

aDjusT DiRi DgN StAtuS BaRu..

status baru?
milik org? in a relationship? married? single?
satu benda yg ketara change bile status kite bertukar is FREEDOM
Recently status kite yg single selame 2 tahun telah bertukar kepada in a relationship..
utk kwn2 kite..mostly their reaction would be "Finally!"
siot je kan?
well yeah..finally..ade la seorg teruna yg sudi menyayangi kite ni..
i'm very thankful for that actually..i really do..
die suke buat kite happy.. die slalu tunjuk die syg kt kite..
felt like i'm floating in the air~

biase la geng..bile da lame single ni we will have difficulties to adjust ourselves dgn new environment..
being single for quite a long time actually...
dah menyebabkan kite ni selesa dgn kawan2 yg ramai dan berlambak2..
mane taknye..dulu dkt friends la tempat kite nk bermanja..
nk be happy with and so on..
tp bile da ade bf ni perlu ke kite shift everything to our baby love instantly?
kalau bg kawan2 kite mesti diorg kate mcm kacang lupekan kulit..
utk my muffin pulak die akan fikir that i dun respect him as my special one..
is this means my freedom has been taken away?
can i spend time with friends like i used to?
mcm mane la kite nk bagi muffin kite paham?

muffin kite slalu makan hati ngan kite sbb kite suke kluar dgn kawan2..
mane baby love skarang jauh from me..
mcm mane kite nk spend time ngan die?
padahal kite nk gile2 spend time ngan die...
kite tak paham kenape muffin nk kene marah n sakit hati bile kite kluar ngan kwn2 kite..
they are just friends..good friends of mine..
takkan la kite nk lupekan kwn2 kite yg always by my side?
just because of muffin??
kite da la nk gerak away from JB for good..
obviously kite nk spend time dgn friends as frequent as possible..
ye la pasni kite taktau bile kite nk jumpe diorg kan?
bile lagi kite nk jumpe anan..ijat..kak ira..and the rest of AMPM peeps yg rapat ngan kite?

kite sedey bile my muffin tak faham..
this new role of mine is still in the beginner stage..
kite baru nk adjust diri kite to fit in this new role..
kite pray n hope sgt my muffin understand me..
muffin ku..please..understand my situation..

Sunday, April 11, 2010


sedey rasenye bile org perempuan disalahertikan just because how she looks like..
i always get this a lot..
being misinterprate just because of my i look like and how i dress up..
no offense ye to all the guys out there..
but kite just tgh sedey and frust la bile kaum2 u all ni tgk kite just utk one thing only..
i think u guys understand wut i mean...
sedey la mcm ni :(

how am i ever gonna know bile guys tu sincere or not?
ke sebab my body..
ok..kite tau kite ni agak berisi and quite voluptuous jugak..
da tangkap cintan abis rupenye he is aftering to one thing..
my damn body..
kadang2 rase nk buat reduction surgery je so that mata2 kaum adam ni tak tertumpu pd tu je..
sedey la mcm ni...
especially kalau kite kene dgn org yg kite penah syg...
bile da end the relationship..benda tu je yg die ingat pasal kite
pasal body kite.. bukan pasal memories kite ngan die..
ape ni?? perlu ke??

to all the ladies out there...
sila buat pilihan yg bijak.. jgn terpedaya dgn janji manis lelaki ye..
trust me..i tot i met someone as sweet as angel..
rupe2nye as jerk as satan i would say..

to all the guys..
sorry if u guys felt offended by wut i say..
but think about it.. does this thing happen to u??
and if it does..sila la tgk ape effect die kt kaum hawa...
sile renung2kan..
to guys yg tak penah buat benda2 bodoh2 ni..
i salute u for that..
continue respecting women as u deserve to be respected..


Saturday, April 10, 2010

MaLaM yg IndaH di BaLai CeRaP~

rase mcm makin sedey pulak nk meninggalkan UTM ni..
huhuhu.. smalam dapat spend time dgn 3 org kesayanganku di UTM ni..
kitorg buat keje gile gi Balai Cerap Malam2 bute..
tak sedar ni esok pagi ade paper GIS yg nota ni mcm hidup segan mati tak mau je..

ceritenye bermula begini...
smalam jiwa ade sikit kacau lepas send someone away.. (sedey~~)
then terfikir org2 yg might cheer me up..then straight away teringat kt amy n memil
pastu kite pon call la amy..


amy: hello akak
ilik: amy kt mane??
amy: amy kt jusco la kak ngan safuan ngan memil..nape kak?
ilik: owh..ingat nk ajak mamam
amy: la ye ke?? kitorg da mkn da tp kalau nk teman akak ok jek..
ilik: orait2..mkn kt P19 la ok tak?
amy: orait2..nanti jumpe sane..

(p/s: cerita telah dipendekkan bg keselesaan pembaca)

so there they are..amy...memill and safuan..
3 orang insan yg selalu buat kite laugh and smile..
mase tgh2 mkn tu tibe2 amy telah menyatakan idea gile safuan..

amy: kak ili..safuan ajak gi Balai Cerap..nk tak?
ilik: mlm ni ke?
safuan: yup2..jom laa

(gulp! terfikir sejenak)

balai cerap tu is puncak tertinggi kt UTM ni (mcm everest plak! :P)
nk gi sane kene lalu jalan gelap and da ramai da cite pasal balai cerap punye cite hantu tu (wwwwoooooooooooooo~~~)
so tak pelik la if kite rase seram sikit nk naik balai cerap at 11PM!

ilik: tak takut ke?
safuan: nk takut ape...biase je la..
ilik: bole gi tapi safuan drive..leh?
safuan: takde hal laa

(amy and memil pon mcm takut pon ade gak..hakhak!)

so after mkn2 we all pon naik la balai cerap..
mmg kelaka gile..mase tgh naik tu sume mcm try to create conversation..
mcm buat2 plak..padahal masing2 takut gile!
bygkan la jalan die gelap all the way..
pastu naik bukit tinggi plak tu.. huhuhu
akhirnya sampai jugak kami di puncak..
mmg cantik gile tgk view from balai cerap..

mase kt balai cerap..
rase sayu sikit la..
rase syg nk tinggalkan friends kt sini pon ade..
how i wish i can take them all with me balik KL..
i'm gonna miss memil and amy a lot..
because both of them suke buat lawak and always made me happy..
yg lain2 pon ade jugak tp both of them ni antara yg paling best la..

ok..after feeling2 cantik kt balai cerap
kitorg pon turun la balik..
again..bermula la episod cube try to make conversation..
ahahahhaa! klaka gile!
pastu dah turun..safuan bersuara..

safuan: ok.. sy ade benda nk benda sumpah serius..
amy: ape??
safuan: td mase nk naik balai cerap sy rase kete sy berat sgt2..

(sebenarnye kite pon kite ingat sbb safuan tak tukar gear)

semua terdiam...

akhirnye merase la jugak pengalaman scary merry kt UTM ni..

to all my friends..ter fab 8..citra daksina..4 SGP..gonna miss u guys...



Thursday, April 8, 2010

My LasT FiNaL Exam..

hey all...

i dunno la how nk gambarkan topik ni..
nk sedey ke or nk happy ke..
but wut i know..nk tanak kene jugak face the FINAL EXAM...
sebenarnye kite dah sgt2 takde mood nk study..
tibe2 kite jadi pemalas gile..
bygkan la..time busy2 exam ni bole lg berfacebook la..

hari ni kite punye first paper..Land Acquisition..
soalan die mak datok la punye panjang nk kene menjawab..
and actually hari ni kite down sikit sbb paper tu mcm tough..
and i just realized berjuta2 mistakes da kite buat.. T_T
anyway..nasi da jd bubur..
i just can hope i do better in the next 3 papers...

after this kite ade paper GIS..corporate real estate developmet..
GIS mmg ntah pape ntah kite blaja through out the semester..
no notes..pastu lecturer tu kate ade satu soalan killer yg die tak sempat ajar..
then how to do that?? haisshhh

corporate real estate??
lagi laaaaaaaa gileeeee...
i dun know wut the hell the lecturer was saying in the class..
lecturer die pon agak scary coz jap2 die kate mcm ni..jap2 die kate mcm tu..
mcm ade conflict identity pon ade...

property developmet??
ni ok sikit kot..
sbb lecturer ni baru je dpt title "DR"..
so die murah hati la bg kitorg mcm2 tips..ehehehehe!!

eventho i hate FiNaL ExaM like everybody else..
tibe2 rase sedey pon ade coz i just realized that this will be my final final exam..
after this will go out to face the reality...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mereka yg PerNah SinggaH dlm HaTiku... Part 2

Hey all~~

eceh!! mcm byk peminat jek!
ahahahaha (perasan! ;P)
ok2..hari ni kite nk cite pasal another person yg pernah singgah dlm hati kite..
his name is Muadz~

the first time i met muadz was like almost 10 years ago
my first impression kt die was eee comelnye!!
nak tau sbb pe??
haaa..tgk la die

kitorg start kwn2 sume but the first few years was like "hye muadz..bye muadz" je
then as time goes by we became really2 close..
mase tu die baru jek break ngan his gf..
die slalu la dtg lepak ngan kite..
lame2 kitorg rase best je bile ade ngan each other..
we felt the chemistry was quite strong..
we even have songs dedicated to each other..
paling kite tokle lupe lagu "verve pipe - freshment"

well.. wut we had was very2 special..
tp biase la sbb muadz ni sgt ramai la bitch2 yg dengki dgn our bond..
and they start to create stories yg nk melaga2kan kite n muadz..
and the sad part was muadz somehow believed them..
sedey gile kite...
tp kite takkan lupe how great it was to have muadz by my side..
we were always laughing and always making each others' day better..
everyday i miss having all the fun with him..
thank god la skarang ni me n muadz still in a good pace
eventho die da ade gf skarang..

to muadz..u r such a great person..
someone yg change how i believe in someways..
luv u babe! and been missing you everyday ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010


hey guys~
tajuk kite utk hari ini..VIVA~ (wwwwooooooo~~~~~~)

mcm seram jek bunyik nye...

bg student2 final year kt utm ni... perkataan viva tu mmg sgt menyeramkan...
pagi td..kite telah melalui satu episod menyeramkan ni..

fyi, viva tu is final year project presentation..

in order for us kat UTM ni nak grad..we have to go through the process la..
ni kalau tak lepas ni..kite tokle grad wooo!!! T_T

ok..sambung cite..

my turn utk present my final year project adalah pada pukul 9.30 pg..

tp kul 10 lebih baru dpt present..

kaki ngan tgn sume da sejokk gile!!
tambah lg homa (classmate) kene hentam terok dgn panels (Dr Mai & Dr Hakim)..
kite lg la takot.. wwwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu...


Dr. Mai: ok..thank you Homa..kite kene discuss dgn panel2 yg lain la pasal awk punye research ni.. (gulp! mati lah aku!!)
(PM Maizan & En. Shahbudin pon masuk)

PM Maizan: ok next!
(mengucap panjang...doa..selawat sket)
PM Maizan: ok ili..kite nk awak present 5 minit je bole? kite dah behind schedule
kite pon bersungguh2 la ni present...

after Q & A sume..
Alhamdulillah..kite lepas..

i am one step closer to graduate!!!!
teringat kite quote one of our lecturer kt sini
"jadikan projek sarjana muda kamu satu pengalaman yang indah" (Dr Nadzri,2010)




Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mereka yg PerNah SinggaH dlm HaTiku... Part 1


hmmmm..if u guys tanye my frens..
confirm diorg da muak nk muntah dgr pasal eddie ni
rase mcm kite kene mkn nasik kangkang jek dgn eddie ni..
tp he is one fella yang kite tokle lupe for couple of years jugak..
mmg seksa gile nk get rid of him...
i dunno la..nk kate die treat me best..takde la best sgt..
tp the impact dat he gave me to tuhan jek yg tau mcm mane kuatnye..
kite kenal eddie ni da lame da..mase tu kite form 4...
abg angkat kite..zaim (i luv u!) kwn baik die..they used to study together..
dulu..eddie ni tak byk ckp..mkn satu meja pon tak penah borak..
after couple of years..abg ku zaim tanye la kt kite:-

zaim: ey u! ade kwn i nk kenal ngan u..u nak tak?
iLiK: huh?? sape?
zaim: eddie..u ingat tak die?
iLiK: eddie? ape plak tak kenal! kan da kenal daa

cite sket2 da from there abg kite sorg ni bg la my number sume..
then me n eddie start borak kt ym..
lame jugak la..plan nk jumpe tak dpt jumpe2 lg..
sampai la satu mase tu..masing2 free n decide nk jumpe..
obviously i wont go kite ajak la mimi and zaim skali..
before pegi tu..kite decide nk pakai t-shirt polo warna putih..
mimi kate burok! die suro kite pon tuka.. (mesti korg tanye motif ape cite pasal pakai baju polo?..sabo2..ade relevannye..)
kitorg plan nk jumpe kt asia cafe kt subang nk men pool..
mase tu kitorg sampai dulu..eddie sampai lambat..
tibe2..eddie pon muncul...
and guess what?!
die pakai baju polo yang kite tak jadik nk pakai tu!
same colour plak tu!! design pon same gak!!
mase 1st time kite nampak eddie balik..kite terus suke kt die..
bak kate org at 1st sight laa..
pas da men pool mkn2 sume..kitorg pon balik..
kite tak stop pk pasal eddie k!!!

so sbb kite ni da kire angau la gak..
kite pon rajin2kan diri contact die..
and he gave a positive respond..kite pon happy la! (ade chan ni!) ;P
da lame2 tu..kitorg pon berscandal2..
kite da start syg gile kt die sume..
muke kite berseri2 je mase tuh..
kite suke sgt cara eddie treat kite..
sgt gentlemen..tak suke tgk kite susah..
pendek kate kite happy laa..

tp tetibe dlm bulan may 2008..
eddie tetibe da lain.. die da jarang call kite..
msg pon jawab mcm nk tanak je..
kite seriously xtau nape..
pastu die confront..die kate die tokle ngan kite..
sedey gile die ckp mcm tuh T_T
tp kite try amik hati die balik sume..
and finally he came back to his senses..
but..not for long...
august 2008 is the end of our story..
mase tu dunia kite rase nk runtuh jek.. tgk la muke kite mase ni

sedey kan?
mase kite ngan eddie muke kite mcm ni...


beza kan?
lame gak la kite rase seksa..
sbb eddie tinggalkan kite mcm tu jek..
i've always blame myself..mcm2 kite pk mase tu..
tp alhamdulillah la..gud news keep coming to me now..
i'm way much more better than i was before..
being with eddie is an eye opener la for me..
start from eddie la i dun really believe in relationships..
pape pon..kite hope eddie happy la dgn life die..
pasni kite tanak sape2 amik kesempatan kt kite lg..
kesian kt kite.. kite da x sanggup kene..

I'm New...

Hey bloggers out there~

Hye :)
1st lemme introduce myself...
i'm Ili AmiRa..well most of my frens call me iLik..(dr skolah lg~)
i am less than one month nk abis study... <>
I'm from kuala Lumpur but now kat JB sbb study sini..
saye da tua..umur saye 24 tahun T_T

i'm the eldest..ade 2 org adek yg mereng..
my younger sister yg sgt dem2 pon ili we call her atie (short for atira)
my youngest brother plak kononnye hensem lah.. name die iPin..
my abah..sgt2 sporting.. but very2 busy..outstation jek kejenye...
my mama..pon sporting gak.. pon busy jek..but a very gud listener.. (love mama!)

currently study kat UTM... da 3 tahun da kat sini..huhuhu
i'm in my final year..amik course property management.. (tgh sgt stress!!)
suke duduk sorg2 dlm bilik sambil online.. hehe
didnt get the chance to go out sgt kt sini (so kesimpulannye bosan lah)
skrang tgh busy nk submit my projek sarjana muda.. (ayat sgt mmg tgh takot pon)
doa2kan la my projek mau pulang~~~~

ni best jugak nk cerita...
sy sgt suka berkwn..i have lots of frens..sumenye sy syg!
paling sy syg is my bestfren..MiMi..
kedua sy syg is my other bestfren..FiRd n ShaSha..
yang lain2 byk lah..kang cite kang u all borink plak..huhuhu
but u guys will know all of them..coz pasni mmg byk la cite pasal mereka2 ini..