Monday, December 13, 2010

Yasmi Abdul Hamid....

Yasmi Abdul Hamid is one of the person i cant life without
She is the reason why i am standing strong to face this cruel life..

there is no way i'm gonna find someone like her..ever!

she is always there through ups and downs
through her i've learned to forgive and forget
(well actually the forget part tu still working on it)

Byk jugak org dengki our friendship ni..
but for me as long as we trust and understand each other
there wont be anything can break our friendship
that is wut important in a friendship
understanding and trust..

the thing about mimi
she knows me very well
she knows how to respect, to comfort and to advice me..
and she will always try her best to be there for me
me too..
i will definitely leave anything else behind for her..
i trully hope dat my friendship with her will stay strong until the day we die..

Yasmi abd hamid..
i love you!
thank you for every single thing you do for me


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