Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leave me alone!!!!!!!

to you know who...

Yes i admit i used to date him but only after i know about your existence i've decided to end the relationship..but you know what? he refuse... he said dat u guys are not in good pace and about to broke up..kalau die tanak mengaku then itu bukan masalah saye.. tp sy ade ade kwn2 yang mmg tau kewujudan die dlm hidup now between me and him dah lame dah over..and i would appreciate if you dun disturbed me at all! tak payah la nk add2 me kat fb coz mmg takde satu pon gambar die dlm my fb..only me and family and friends... i dun think i should apologize about anything because i'm not the one yang patut mintak's your beloved bf yang patut mintak maaf to u and to me coz he's been one piece of crap and a big fucking liar.. so lepas ni tlg jgn ganggu hidup tak kisah pon awk nk amik die..tu mmg hak awk.. tp mmg sy mengaku sy penah dgn die utk beberapa bulan.. but IT'S OVERRRRR... and i'm moving on and not turning back..

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fairuz said...

amboi. marah betul.