Friday, May 6, 2011

This FeeLing I'm FeeLing...

This feeling i'm feeling..
it just doesn't feel right...
Is it a test from Dear God??
to see whether am i or not a true friend?
but it seems so hard..
i felt like she is not as sensitive as she used to be before..
what am I suppose to do?
I preferred to keep it silent but til when??
I dun like the interference that is happening now
it feels like i'm the outsider now..
like i dun belong in her life..
i dunno anything more now..
it's all to the other friend...
not accusing her but it seems like what is she trying to do now is to get my dear bestfriend
not cool..
not cool at all..
but she on the other hand..
seems okay with it...
what am i suppose to do?
to give answer to this feeling i'm feeling...

xxheart brokenxx